About Spectrum Investigations

"I have been conducting business with Spectrum Investigations for over two years. I have consistently received a high quality investigative product. They have provided excellent customer service and respond to issues or requests very timely."

Pattie Howell

Director National Workers Compensation, Gevity HR

Spectrum Investigations believes in providing our clients with superior investigative services. Our investigators collectively possess an average of 26 years of investigative experience, 10 years of insurance and claims investigation (SIU), and 17 years of law enforcement. Their experience with multi-line claim investigations provides them with knowledge of the industry, knowledge of the pertinent information needed to assist with the processing of a claim, and the capability to obtain that information. Their prior law enforcement experience provides them with the knowledge to conduct thorough and in-depth interviews. This level of investigative expertise allows Spectrum to achieve an exceptional work product.

Continuing education is required. Continuous learning ensures state-of-the-art investigations for our clients. The investigators have extensive training in interviewing/interrogation techniques and kinesic (verbal and non-verbal communication) interviewing. Several investigators have received professional designations such as Fraud Claim Law Specialist, Fraud Claim Law Associate and Certified Fraud Examiner. In addition several investigators are licensed claims adjusters.

Communications Philosophy

Spectrum Investigations' philosophy is that the most effective investigation takes place when there is direct interaction and communication between the referring personnel and the investigator working the file. Unlike most investigative vendors, who allow office or marketing personnel to filter information back to the client, Spectrum insists that our investigators communicate directly with our clients.

Every Spectrum investigator is equipped with an office phone and cellular telephone. The office phone and cell phone are equipped with voice mail, which has an "urgent" notification feature to further enhance communication with our clients. Through these communications tools, Spectrum investigators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each investigator is also equipped with the latest technology available including a laptop computer,digital cameras, and/or video cameras. With these tools the investigator can transmit images from the field directly to the client via the Internet.